10 Foods to Replace to Lose Weight Without Depriving

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Looking for some tricks to change your daily routine and want to eat healthily while you are enjoying it?
Here are some foods you can change to decrease your weight while keeping tasty food!
You no longer want to eat food without tastes and make drastic restrictions to lose weight?
You understand that a stable weight is achieved by good long-term habits, but you lack imagination?

Here are some alternatives to everyday products that you can exchange for better health!

Exchange Mayonnaise for Guacamole:
While we all know that mayonnaise is fattening and is additionally composed of saturated fatty acids, guacamole is full of monounsaturated fatty acids that are good for cardiovascular health.
Obviously, prefer homemade guacamole to industrial guacamole. Nothing could be simpler: pureed avocado, a little lemon, salt and pepper!

Exchange fried chicken for grilled chicken:

The fried chicken is very rich in calories, due to its process of cooking in oil.
For a healthy and tasty alternative, prefer breaded or grilled chicken. Dip the chicken breasts into a mixture of eggs, herbs and bread crumbs.

Exchange cheese with bread / crackers for fruit shaping:

Crackers and bread are foods with high glycemic index and are often salty.
For a healthy accompaniment, replace them with fruits, such as sliced ​​apples, grape, dried or conficted apricots.

Trade in white rice for whole grain low glycemic index rice:

White rice has a high glycemic index and few fibers, while full / brown rice has a low glycemic index and fiber in quantity!
This is an interesting choice with regards to your daily carbohydrate serving.

Trade in fresh cream for hummus:

Hummus is a chicken cream that is composed of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as proteins.
It is an excellent choice of accompaniment, unlike the fresh cream which unfortunately contains only saturated fatty acids!

Redeem white bread for wholemeal bread with seeds:

Opt for a low and full GI version of fiber.
White bread is a food with one of the highest glycemic indexes. It is often price as a reference for this index.

Exchange it willingly for wholemeal bread with seeds.
Exchange the croutons in your salad for nuts and seeds:

The croutons are mostly drawn from white bread, and cooked with cheap oils (not olive oils!).
To choose, it is better to replace bread croutons with seeds (sesame, pumpkins, sunflower …) and walnuts, hazelnuts and other nuts, which you can just jump in the pan.

Exchange chips for grilled chickpeas:

The chips are composed of carbohydrates (potatoes) and fried in oil (sometimes of low quality) and therefore of saturated fatty acids.
To have good appetizers, you can grill chickpeas by having previously coated with spices (paprika, turmeric, cumin, chilli powder … etc). They are full of protein and with a lower glycemic index than chips.

Exchange beans with bacon for salt-free bacon beans.

While beans are healthy foods, which can fit into a balanced diet, they are often full of salts and sugar with the sauce.
Replace them with salt-free beans, to avoid adding more than is necessary.
Swap potato puree with cream and butter for mashed sweet potatoes with cauliflower and olive oil:

The potato puree, even homemade, is often full of saturated fats and high GI carbohydrates. A sweet potato puree / cauliflower is a much better choice!
The potato puree, even homemade, is often full of saturated fats and high GI carbohydrates.
A sweet potato puree / cauliflower is a much better choice!
For a healthier purée (without saturated fatty acids), use sweet potato puree, a little cauliflower and olive oil that is composed of monounsaturated fatty acids. Potatoes, once cooked, have a higher glycemic index than a mix of sweet potatoes and cauliflower.

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