How to lose weight quickly after the holidays?

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How to lose weight quickly after the holidays?

Holidays are often synonymous with excesses and “everything is allowed”.
But when comes back to school, we often regret this laxity …
Here are some simple tricks to regain control of its weight and image.

Decrease (see stop) the “junk food”! :

– sodas: they are real condensed poison and inevitably lead to an increase in weight and fat.
– refined sugar: sugar is contained in many products, not worth adding extra refined sugar, otherwise pay attention to weight gain
– Artificial sweeteners and colorants: prefer by far the foods that contain only natural products and not synthetic products.
– manufactured foods: are full of sugar, full of trans fats, omega-6 and saturated fats. They are stuffed with “empty” calories (without vitamins, minerals, …) and therefore very little interesting from a nutritional point of view!

Increase the consumption of healthy food:

– Vegetables: cooked vegetables and raw vegetables are excellent for health, they contain fiber, vitamins and minerals and few calories!
– fruits: from now on they will become your healthy and nutritious confectionery.
– lean meat proteins and vegetable proteins: this mixture will bring to your muscles everything they need to rebuild.
– Omega 3 fatty acids: such as rapeseed oil, walnuts, mackerel, etc.
– drink water: water is the only essential drink for the body! It is essential to life: drinking between 1.5L and 2.5L per day is necessary according to your activity.
With these few changes, you will find a healthy body to attack the reentry with the full of energy and fat in less!

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